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                                     Is a piece of writing that is                                         also a mix of poetry and prose.                                       This writing focuses on my                                             feelings while at home and what I call “Quantum Delusions”, visions of our past that haunt us when we return to places we used to frequent. These ghosts follow me through the work, streaming along like stars as my thoughts slowly evolve, finally settling on my past self’s perception of my current self’s presentation.

                          Is a piece of memory writing that shifts                              through my more recent time on Earth and                              its effects on my identity. The prose                                  exemplifies the ways in which memory acts in glimpses and rushes that surround us, jumping between times and connecting old memories to new ones; there is an eternal reorganization going on in our minds. The piece takes a magnifying glass to many of the ways in which my life exists as a shadow of others, dripping in the rain of gender fluidity and liberation from many social morays.

Is a stream of consciousness writing piece that walks the delicate line between prose and poetry. The work defies conventional description, refusing to have a plot or a definitive purpose, reveling in its ability to subvert the concept of purpose itself. The writing consists of a series of smaller beginnings to stories, imagery, small free verse poems, spiritual concepts, memory work, and improvisation of writing form, creating new word combinations and formats.


                                      Is a short story concerning the                                        fate of a fishing village whose                                        lagoon is cut off from the                                            greater ocean. Their pollution has gummed up the water and Charlie Brooks, the man with the most money in town, is leaving that night. Charlie puts his foot in his mouth while having one last grog in the village tavern… And Darla isn’t having any of it.

Here’s a small smattering of experimental writings that don’t fit into any other category of art that I do.
These works cross the line between prose and poetry multiple times.
There’s a regular shifting of time and a usage of viewpoints to enhance the writing into the artistic zone, not just a narrative one.
Enjoy these strange writings for what they are: fun experimentations and intense non-binary memory work that demonstrates the emotional weight of queer time.

Puppet of a Muppet of a Dark Thought.png

Is a prose piece following classically mythological narratological structures, conventions in figurative language/metaphor, and the tradition of magical realism. The story deals with themes of death, reincarnation, learning, free will, and communication as both youth and elder. The prose is notable for its absence of gender-related pronouns, creating a dynamic regime of characterization within the same pronoun structure, demonstrating the inherent connections between the physical, spiritual, and human. 

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