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                                     A gallery of drawings that I                                           created from 2018 onward. Most                                         of the art is purposefully                                             improvisational and only semi-structural, creating a more loose, free feel. A folk artist to my core, I’ve never been trained to draw and choose to create art that does not try to recreate our own world visually, but rather a visual metaphor for our understanding of that world. Somebody has to dream of spaces beyond the real. I use this art to talk about a variety of topics: climate change, pollution, hyperobjects, the unknown, the unknowable, and an infinite number of other themes. A few of the pieces are collaborations between myself and certain artists who I met via the Homestead at Denison University. The creation of communal art is paramount for a thriving art community. Without folk artists, art itself dies.

                                                  A gallery of nature                                                    photography ranging                                                    from landscape to                                                      macroscopic photos throughout Ohio and Colorado (I haven’t been that many places). The gallery is focused on the juxtaposition of natural beauty, human objects, and the combination of both. I want to explore the proverbial beach upon which the natural and supposedly unnatural human world collide. I am interested in the little things that we don’t glorify in nature like cobwebs and loose dirt as well as the things we ignore in the human world, like dumpsters and old wrecked buses. At the same time, the gallery still contains a lot of beautiful landscapes; this is because I think it is important to reckon with the fact that both these realities and aesthetics exist simultaneously. 

Visual Art

Communal Art

Here's two pieces of art I created for the Denison Homestead. The first is a mural on Cabin Phoenix that depicts six words and a vine entwined around the design. The second is a bench I decorated initially for the Ethical Head photoshoot. However, I decided to donate the bench as a community sitting zone at the community I love so much.

Mushroom Dragon.png
The Face Balloon.png
Mushroom Balloon.png
Formless Woman.png
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