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The Compassion of MundanityEcho Cain
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The Compassion of Mundanity

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The Compassion of Mundanity



Instruments Used:

Gamelan Instruments (Gangsa, Gong, Bonang)



Tin Whistle



Electric Guitar



[An overbearing ocarina and strange metallic sounds made by distorted Balinese gamelan instruments introduce the piece]

[Rattling sounds and gongs are occasionally heard]

[The ocarina continues to play as the depth of the gamelan instruments continues to deepen]

[A crescendo and a decrescendo]

[Reversed gamelan solo initiates another crescendo]

[The reversed gamelan drops out as a hoof-like gamelan sound begins with some strange mutterings]

[The ocarina continues to play]

[Sounds of breathing]


I am rising. I am flying.

I am rising. I am flying.


[A sickly ocarina continues to play while the gamelan instruments interact]

[The tin whistle replaces the ocarina]

[The reversed gamelan instrument plays again]

[The mix begins to wake up fully]

[The tin whistle becomes more frantic and all the instruments drop off except the lowest pitched gamelan instrument]

[A droning vocal is heard during this section]

[The sound of chimes brings us into the sound of metal sliding and smacking into metal]

[The ocarina returns]

[The audio effects on the gamelan instruments strengthen]

[Harmonica joins the mix as a faraway train getting closer]

[A crescendo as the reversed electric guitar joins]

[The reversed electric guitar becomes the main element of the mix as the ocarina joins back in]


Time’s up!

Time’s up!


[Some of the gamelan instruments leave the mix]

[The tin whistle joins back in while the reversed electric guitar sounds particularly dreamy]

[The sound of gongs is occasionally heard]


Hahahahahahaha! Wahahaha! Ahh! Haha! Ahhhhhhhhh!

Haha! Haha! Ohhhh!


[The reversed electric guitar takes a darker turn into the world of minor keys as a drum is struck in a rhythm that slowly increases in tempo and intensity]

[The drum finishes and the reversed electric guitar draws the song to a close]

Released on January 15, 2021

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