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Spiral Fourteen

A collection of footage from Fall of 2020 when I, Echo Cain, was taking part in a dance class and practice with other dance students from Denison University led by Dr. Molly Shanahan. Within my highlights reel are solos, phrases, and duets containing my particular mode of modern dance in two disparate locations. There's also an inordinate amount of experimental, improvisational piano I recorded along with the footage I edited.
Enjoy the movement on display.

Find the original video at

The original video was conceptualized, produced, and directed by Dr. Shanahan with editing by Dr. Shanahan and Frankie DiCiaccio. 

Echo Cain

[Duets] Sebastien (Bas) Goodman, Julia (Jules) Rizzo, Fiona (Fi) Shepherd, Wynn Reed, and Maggie LaMaster

[Other Dancers Present] Emma Margo, Cat Hennings,
Kat Killian, and Abby Masturzo

Big Thanks to all my fellow dancers in Spiral Fourteen.

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