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                                               Is a short scene                                                       concerning an                                                         alternate future in                                                   which most humans now work as pet transporters, chauffeuring around pets of all sorts who now act as the de facto ruling class. The scene consists of Lewis dreaming of a better world while Mr. Sprinkles, the cat in the backseat, talks about illegal drug deals of catnip. Drew, the other driver, admits to liking the work of pet transportation despite the apparently horrible conditions of his job. The scene ends with Mr. Sprinkles screaming at the two drivers, leaving no room for the other two to truly speak.

                                      Is a short scene concerning an                                        alternate future in which the                                          whole world worships the work                                          of Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy!, and believes him to be smarter than all other humans. The scene consists of Alex having an emotional breakdown while two contestants attempt to determine the contents of mail that had just arrived at the set of the show. Surreal and unsettling, the tone alone of this scene is heavy and bitter.

Experimental Scenes

Is a short writing containing two versions of the same scene written in different styles of exaggeration. In each, the Undertaker’s Assistant, Svendrik, comes to the house of Crulvax to tell him the bad news about the grave of his late wife, Ulva. Some strange creature seems to have dug up the grave of Ulva, leading Crulvax to embark to inspect the grave.

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