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                       Is a writing in which I recount my experiences
                       in education throughout my life and discuss 
                       how learning and teaching inform my artistic                           endeavors. 

                                 Is a writing that covers how science
                                 has impacted my art. Science remains
                                 an integral part of my work and 
                                 continues to change my life every day. I graduated undergrad with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology and demonstrating the linkages between this degree and my current work was the prior reason for my composition of this article.

                  Is a writing in which I outline my political beliefs
                  and my oppositions. I also talk about the inherent
                  political nature of our world and the extremifying
                  we have recently been seeing within the world of politics. I describe the systems in which we take part and my feelings about some of these systems.

                       Is a writing defining my feelings concerning my
                       own religion and spirituality. I discuss how I 
                       understand the complex interactions of the many
                       diverse belief systems present in the human world. I purposefully disrupt the normalized way of conceptualizing religion and consider how varied and important spirituality is in the everyday lives of all humans.

                                      Is a writing defining my
                                      intentions in my production of
                                      art and the numerous ways in
                                      which I approach this question. I also discuss my philosophy in artmaking and how I enable positive spaces of creation in my and others' lives. 

                          Is a collection of photos of me! This is my
                          my website after all :) You can find me
                          playing a number of instruments, wearing a
                          number of outfits, and reveling in the human experience of life itself! Enjoy this exhibition of myself in these numerous scenarios and vibes.

Artist Profile

On the Horizon

Currently Untitled Album covering the hyperobject that is Climate Change and its relationship to change at the highest levels of systems

Video Essay Adaptation of "The White Eagle Lodge"

FEMME -- Album covering my personal feelings about gender and the wider implications of those feelings

Non-Binary Spirituality -- Series of interviews with non-binary people concerning their spirituality collected into one accessible format

Research on Spiritual Colonization

Eventual Production of A River Beyond, Below

Also a bunch of other projects that I haven't conceptualized yet!

Hello! I'm Echo Cain, an interdisciplinary artist who does music, dance, theatre, writing, critical studies, and some visual art in improvisational, experimental styles. I'm a non-binary, agender, demisexual, multi-ethnic person perceived as white by our society. I'm poly-religious, atheist, a Jew, and a spiritualist. I'm an independent politically, though my political ideology most aligns with the values of Anarcho-Communism. I have spent much of my life learning about science and education, which influence my art now. Check out some of the articles here (and throughout the site) to learn more about me! 

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