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Many, many people have helped me throughout my journey in becoming an artist. This website is the culmination of this help and compassionate support. I couldn't be here without all those humans and cats who have given me advice, support, and love throughout my life. 

If your name appears in the following list, thank you deeply. 
I appreciate you and all you have done and continue to do.
Keep being the awesome human that you are!

Here's my list in no particular order:

Sonya Cain, Kevin Cain, Samuel Purkiss, Kyle Ward, Peter Moore, Jason Neumann, Yuri Aster, Diego Rubey, Lexie Dungan, Joe Polen, Ramsey Bristol, Elizabeth Arterberry, Dr. Molly Shanahan, Dr. Peter Pauze, Dr. Tashal Brown, Jaden Richeson, Dr. Andrew McCall, Madie Mckenny-Lydick, Mary Gordon, Kyle Glennon, Madie Mendels, Drews Mitchell, Esther Hernandez, Craig Freeland Jr., Natasha Harkey, Bill Burns, Kevin Katz, Rachel Abbott, Dr. Rebecca Homan, Max Karkut, Emma Rollett, Mil Smith, Ruth Heithaus, Dr. Susan Villareal, Joel Denny, Wynn Reed, Ivy Distler, Nate Super, Julia Rizzo, Fiona Shepherd, Sarah Wuellner, Dr. Garrett Jacobsen, Dr. Yen Loh, Thy Trang, Maya Newman, Kayla Linkiecewiz, Dr. Seth Rodgers, Fiona McNichols, Erin Meek, Meg Gold, Cooper Kern, Keegan Oldani, T.C. Brewer, Carrie Snyder, Tim Hicks, Jonathon Bitzer, Lisa King, Elise Landsbergen (BOOGERS), Samantha Honroth, Sam Cheek, Lunamar M.R., Blanket, Duke, Henshaw, and Toast. 

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