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Chesed (Pour Until the Cup Overfloweth with Wine)Echo Cain
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Spiritual Circuitry Cover.jpg

Spiritual : Circuitry

Chesed (Pour Until the Cup Overfloweth with Wine)  


Experimental Horror Groove

Instruments Used:

Bass Guitar

Tin Whistle




[There are no lyrics in this song]

[A Bass guitar plays a single note fiercely to introduce the piece]

[A tin whistle joins and spirals around the nest of bass, forming melodies over the bass’ heavy rhythm]

[The bass becomes more bluesy and the tin whistle follows]

[The bass and tin whistle lose all sense of cohesion, exploding their rhythms into a ceaseless vortex of chaos]

[The song slows as a harmonica slowly crescendos like a far away train]

[The vocals enter and cry out in a desperate growl as the tin whistle reaches new levels of distortion]

[The bass reenters and reengages the flow of the song]

[The whole mix swells and reverses, displaying the inversion directly as the tin whistle and bass guitar repeat their bluesy vibe, this time in a mockery of its first incarnation; the mix continues to distort and fades away]

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