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Aatyondai (Shechinah)

Aatyondai (Shechinah)Echo Cain
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Spiritual Circuitry Cover.jpg

Spiritual : Circuitry


Experimental Horror Pop

Instruments Used:

Midi Drums




[The song begins with a layered set of voices singing in discordant harmony over a thick bassy drumbeat]


Gotta get my thoughts together;

I’m coming home to you.

A thousand miles I’ve walked from

isles sunny and blue.

I’m on my way, be there today;

every step the flowers bloom.

I am the life, that force of nature,

yet harbinger of doom.

A cycle from start to start,

I’m sure you’ll come around.

To give or take, it’s all the same;

we return to the ground.


[A formless voice makes sounds similar to that of an infant]

[A keyboard playing a single tone begins to crescendo over a new beat]


Aatyondai will make you.

Aatyondai will break you.

The moon doesn’t know anymore

than it pretends to.


The dirt will consume you.

Golden caps will grow on top of you.

But the ‘shroom doesn’t know anymore

than it pretends to.


Aatyondai (Repeated)


[Formless reversed voices join the mix as the drumbeat heats up and becomes more complex and tight]

[The mix reaches a boiling point as the main voice returns]


An Eye Balloon Tied to a Stump.png
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