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Keter pt. 1 (Thick Fog)

Keter pt. 1 (Thick Fog)Echo Cain
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Spiritual Circuitry Cover.jpg

Spiritual : Circuitry


Vaporwave Plunderphonics

Instruments Used:

Sample from Celebrations by the Brothers Johnson

Sample from “Screaming People”


[There are no lyrics in this song]

[A bouncy, funky beat; heavily altered and slowed down begins to heat up]

[Before its climax, a distorted sound of people screaming encompasses the piece]

[The direction of the song reverses and the inversion of the piece leads itself back to the start]

[The song “starts” again, though there is a new level of compression and use of flangers this time around]

[The sound of the funky beat now contains a sound like that of a somebody traveling up and down the inside of a copper pipe]

[Finally, the song reverses again and settles into a natural ending]

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