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Malchut (The World)

Malchut (The World)Echo Cain
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Spiritual Circuitry Cover.jpg

Spiritual : Circuitry


Ambient Western

Instruments Used:

Midi Drums

Electric Guitar

Acoustic Guitar


[Song contains no lyrics]

[A shaker and finger snap heavy beat plays while a whining fly of an electric guitar meanders about the desert of acoustic guitar.]


[The first section of the electric guitar follows the beat of the acoustic guitar’s rhythm well and becomes the chorus of the piece. However, there is time for two sections of soloing before the return to the chorus.]


[During the solo, the electric guitar has a wandering sound. It echoes and reverberates around this desolate sonic landscape.]


[The crickets keep the electric guitar company as its journey becomes repetitive, eventually leading to a portion of the song that is just the acoustic guitar.


[Finally, the electric guitar’s chorus returns, taking the listener away from this world and into the other one.]

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