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Firework Horizon

Firework HorizonEcho Cain
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Covenants Cover.jpg



Dark Funk

Instruments Used:

Midi Drums


Bass Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Alto Saxophone

Electric Guitar


[Midi drums start the beat]


"...the [constitution's] framers, in compromise[s] with the southern delegates and other defenders of slavery, agreed to language that both gave legitimacy to slavery and provided for its protection”.


[Bass guitar and acoustic rhythm guitar joins the mix]


“[They] decided that the hopes of blacks, free and slave, for inclusion in the new government guaranteeing liberty for all, must be sacrificed to resolve conflicts between whites of differing views" (Derrick Bell, Silent Covenants 33).


The founders of this nation:

Oh they supported

Slavery in all its forms.

They gave it wings and made it fly.


The South and the North

Are the same, with different names.

They both believed that black was three-fifths of what it should be. 


The constitution; covenant in blood.

Property given weight over human life. 

A foundation built on the

edge of a slaver's knife. 


Why celebrate a nation, built on slaves and their pain?

Firework horizon!

Labor stolen; kept the economy rollin'.


The rich and the elite.

Only they could vote.   

What a sham. 

A nation built on gagged freedom.


When the poor white men asked for their vote.

They were let in. Just once. 

No questions. No bouncers.


When the poor black men asked for their vote.

They weren't let in. Just torches.

All questions. All bouncers. 


Even now, black vote is suppressed. 

Might have the rights, but not the privilege of the rest.

Whites retain the right to keep them down. 


Why celebrate a nation, built on slaves and suffering?

Firework horizon!

Suffrage stolen; kept inequality rollin'. 


Why celebrate a nation, built on hate and racism?

Firework horizon!

Freedom stolen; kept America rollin'! Yeah!

Now that’s a crime.



[The rhythm guitar drops out and begins a saxophone solo]

[Electric guitar solo]

[Saxophone and electric guitar trade solo time]

[Saxophone solo]

[Rhythm guitar joins back in]


Both sides are complicit in this terror 

Whether left or right. 

The same methodology of sacrificing

black interests for white. 


We don’t want to go further down the road

Towards the status quo.

The privileged support killers in blue uniforms.


Oh, these hunters of slaves,

by other names; White men kill and maim.

Police are ruling here. 

Repeat history because they didn't learn at all.   


Why celebrate a nation, built on violence and not common sense?

Firework horizon!

Lives stolen; kept police sirens moaning.


They arrest POC far more than whites for the same crimes.

Is their smoking bothering you? 

They'll take it somewhere else!

(Come on give’em a chance)


[The mix becomes more washed out]


Why celebrate a nation, built on hate and racism?

Firework horizon!

Freedom stolen; kept America rollin'! Yeah!


[The bass guitar becomes more staccato]


Oh it’s a crime; oh it’s a crime!

Why celebrate a nation built on hate?

Built on slaves?

Oh their lives stolen, lives stolen; oh no!


[The bass guitar becomes more legato]


Oh why can’t people see?

Can’t people see?

Oh freedom has been stolen under our own hand!

Oh it’s a crime.

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