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Racial Fortuity

Racial FortuityEcho Cain
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Indie Folk Rock Jazz

Instruments Used:

Bass Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Midi Drums


Alto Saxophone



[Bass guitar, midi drums in a simple rock beat, and acoustic finger-picked guitar are the primary instrumental vehicle of the song, appearing from the first moment of the song itself]


"...more than a dozen years after Brown and a half-dozen years after enactment of federal civil rights laws, most corporations, government agencies, and institutions of higher learning remained virtually all white and mostly male. At these organizations, managers chose to establish racial and gender preferences to accomplish the admission, hiring, and upgrading of a moderate number of white women and people of color. They did so rather than overhaul the policies and practices that, beyond blatant racial and sexual discrimination, were responsible for their institutions’ all-white and all-male culture. The affirmative action approach served the immediate need of breaking down this culture, and as a bonus it brought in competent individuals able and willing to advance the institutions’ goals" (Bell 139).


Well thanks for the admission,

Mr. White Man.


You didn't change your world,

but you let me in.


Now I get side-eyes,

and evil kind of looks.


My colleagues think me inferior,

despite reading all my books.


You only help yourself 

with your diversity quota.


Now the whole nation

Thinks we infringe on their education.  


[The tempo begins speeding up]


Reverse racism. 

How can this be?


A few more of us

Won't tip the scales, you see?


You want the world to be

color blind.


You make tests we'll fail

So we fall behind.


You close our schools

On our own dime.


And you arrest us more

For the same crimes.


Your police kill us

On their off-time.


Tragedy strikes us most of the time

And the world isn't color blind.

You're just blind. You're just blind! You're just blind.


You love your

meritocracy. Oh why?


If merit can get you where you are,

then why not me?


Admit it; you don’t measure merit.

You don’t measure merit at all.

You measure our spot on the hierarchy!


You measure our spot on the hierarchy.

(You measure our spot on the hierarchy)


[Saxophone solo as the tempo begins to slow down]

[The acoustic guitar becomes swung in this section, adding to the instant Jazz effect]


You call your world an objective reality.

Even when you spout biased history.


Cognitive dissonance feels like insanity.

Release, we all think subjectively.


[Vocal scatting continues with mostly “V” and “D” sounds used. The scatting becomes more reverbed as the song continues]

[Keyboard also joins here, giving the mix an ethereal feeling]

[The tempo continues to slow]

[All instruments fade as the Bass guitar acts as an outro]

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