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Interest Convergence

Interest ConvergenceEcho Cain
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Covenants Cover.jpg



Astructural Blues Rock

Instruments Used:

Acoustic Guitar (Rhythm and Lead)

Midi Drums


Electric Guitar

Bass Guitar



[Reversed acoustic guitars with the highs equalized low introduces the piece]

[Hard hitting bass drum lays down the beat]


"Given their history of racial subordination, how have black people gained any protection against the multifaceted forms of discrimination that threaten their well-being and undermine their rights? The answer can be stated simply: Black rights are recognized and protected when and only so long as policymakers perceive that such advances will further interests that are their primary concern"

(Derrick Bell, Silent Covenants 49). 


[Djembe beats, bass guitar, and rhythm acoustic guitar join the mix]

[Lead guitar begins playing in a blues/rock style]


Abolition in the North. 

Outlaw this deadly thing.

Oh, what a gracious gift indeed now,

Not done out of empathy.


And you don't see our face.

I know you don't.

We're just a human like you;

we're just a human like you


Freedom for posterity--

Oh but, Where's our freedom now?

Where's our freedom now? 

Obligations and Taxes! No privileges here! 

Interests converge again.

Lives considered less than.


Emancipation in the South.

Oh, President Lincoln loved that unity.

And don't mess with the status quo.

Unless you have to win a war.


He didn't do it for his morals, why would he?


You put a human life below a nation?

Oh but you know, these a’nations just aren't real?

A figment of our collective dream. 

Interests converge again.

Not just good will, my friend. 


A’civil rights amendments.

A’transform our bonds. 

But who really holds the power here?


The writers handed it to corporations in a devil's bargain. Corruption omnipresent. 

Our solution holds no monies. 

They disregard our protection.

(Under the law, under the law) 

Under the thumb of another white man.


Interests converge again.

Selfish thoughts rule this world.


[Djembe and acoustic rhythm guitar drop out]

[Lead guitar begins soloing with the bass guitar]

[Reverse electric guitar and lead guitar brings back in the djembe and acoustic rhythm guitar]


Woke Culture. A Woke culture, woke culture.

White folks pretend to know and care.

And they don't see the histories of pain in your soul. 

I know they don’t.

Oh trauma, oh trauma, oh trauma, oh trauma, oh trauma! 

Racism is whites in power, not the product of bad actors. 


Interests converge again.

Future plans laid ahead. 


[Lead guitar begins to solo]

[Rhythm guitar acts as an outro]

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