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DownpourEcho Cain
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Lo-Fi Maximalist Jazz

Instruments Used:


Acoustic Guitar (Rhythm and Lead)

Midi Drums

Sounds of Spring Thunderstorm

Bass Guitar



Alto Saxophone

Electric Guitar


[Piano and acoustic guitar in minor 7th chords introduce this song along with ambient sounds of a thunderstorm]

[The bass and acoustic rhythm guitar joins]


Rain-soaked paper sheets

Drifting above me.

I light up here, the puddles grow, and I lose myself in this smoke.


[The drums and melodica with a jazzy, laid-back beat]


The color drains from my face

And the city is silent, oh, in the rain.


And so the deluge makes a concrete stream while a catch some smoke for a second time!

We are so entranced by the cloudburst that we’re missing cloud nine.


The thunder snags around my ears.

Oh Lightning take me away once more.

I wanna see a different color than grey, far from this downpour!


[The saxophone smoothly begins soloing]

[The bass becomes slightly more complex in this section]

[The electric guitar joins, acting as the chorus]

[The melodica solos]

[The bass solos]

[The piano solos]

[The electric guitar chorus plays again with acoustic rhythm guitar]

[The lead acoustic guitar solos into the outro]

[Birds begin to sing]

[The electric guitar chorus plays one final time as the drums and other instruments fade away into the ambience of the birds and rain]


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Ethical Head

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