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Bebop Bossanova

Bebop BossanovaEcho Cain
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Ethical Head

Bebop Bossa nova (Jazz) 


Instruments Used:


Acoustic Guitar

Bass Guitar

Electric Guitar

Midi Drums


Alto Saxophone

Sample of Gil Scott Heron from Black Wax (1983)


[A fast, jazzy beat plays]

[Voices talk and laugh amongst each other]


You hear that? You hear that?

What’s that?


[Saxophone as melody begins playing with bass guitar, acoustic jazz guitar, and jazz piano underscore the chords]

[The melody is played twice before the whole mix begins to fly and becomes much more legato (except the piano which stays staccato). Far out, distorted electric guitar is heard beneath the mix at this point]

[The rhythm section returns to the previous staccato while the saxophone solos]

[The rhythm section changes as the saxophone drops out]

[The melody is now much bouncy and incorporates another layer of complexity within the chord structure]


Is that Jazz? Is that Jazz? Is that Jazz? Is that Jazz? Is that Jazz? Is that Jazz? Is that Jazz? (Sample of Gil Scott Heron)


[The laughter and voices join the mix again]


Wasn’t Jazz to me!


[The melody returns with full force and leads into an outro with just acoustic guitar and piano]

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