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The Synchronicity Wavelength

WOOT (Tranquil)

WOOT (Tranquil)Echo Cain
00:00 / 03:45

Meditative Ambient

Instruments Used:


Midi Drums

Electric Keyboard

Acoustic Guitar


Tibetan Singing Bowl

Manipulated Flanger Audio Effect


You broke my mind that one time and souls drew down to one.

Both sides of my duality have crossed and made a sum.

A thing that I refused before has been done, undone, done.

And so the cave of shadows will surround us:

Two, Three, One.


[A slow beat of midi drums, a layered electric piano, and warped acoustic guitar with copper-wrapped strings attached to its fretboard interplay and improvise a variety of emotive feelings from anticipation to the feeling of floating to a pensive wondering that envelopes the listener as melodica drifts in and out of the composition throughout the end of the song.]



       The construction of WOOT (Tranquil) was completed somewhat accidentally, as I was simply experimenting with slower, modal music that does not change key or have oppressive elements within it when the composition just sort of happened… I used this atmospheric, ambient mix as a soundscape of a timeless space within the context of the album: The Synchronicity Wavelength. Within mythology and religion, a timeless space is represented by gardens, the world itself, heaven, and endless abundance. To understand suffering and transience, one must understand the fullness of experience that radiates from all the things that have happened in our universe, no matter our definition of what is “good” and what is “evil”. However, the only way to understand the suffering is to understand euphoria, eureka, and blissfulness. This song focuses on the aspects of joy and happiness we find in our time in the universe. The floating-feeling suspended 4th chords accomplish this through their calming and strengthening sounds. Though there is no through line of melody, the two main instruments connect to create a unique instrumental dialogue that conveys abundance, joy, and eternal time.

        The lyrics themselves are a reference to my experiences of gender fluidity that were brought on by my entrance into the Homestead. (Along with a number of traumatic, personal experiences that I will not speak of transparently here). The “Cave of Shadows” is a reference to Joseph Campbell’s innermost cave, not Plato’s. This reference displays how I entered into this album at the end of a journey, embarking on a journey. The album covers these cyclical stories and how journeys dovetail into each other; how people harm and help each other. The first three songs of this album are all predominantly written in major keys, which marks this place in the journey as a return or a beginning: a resolution. Especially in “WOOT (Tranquil)”, there is a sense of both newness and a return present in the constant, slight changes in the interplay of the two main instruments.

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