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MeghalayanEcho Cain
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The Synchronicity Wavelength.jpg

The Synchronicity Wavelength

Folk Lullaby

Instruments Used:


Acoustic Guitar

Manipulated Flanger Audio Effect



Oh god, the cycles, they keep going…


[Sounds of vocalized distress, reverse acoustic guitar, and artistic use of the Flanger audio effect]

[Normal acoustic guitar played in a lullaby-like rhythm brings us into the meat of the song]


Meghalayan, Meghalayan; you know we’re gonna die.

Meghalayan, Meghalayan; you know we’re gonna fry.

I don’t wanna go, but it is time you know.


Meghalayan, Meghalayan; you know we’re gonna die.

Meghalayan, Meghalayan; it’s time to touch the sky.

We’ve been so far away, eyes glued to screens all-day.


Meghalayan, Meghalayan; don’t listen to their lies!

Meghalayan, Meghalayan; you know we’re gonna die.

This Earth don’t mean that much but they used it as a crutch.


Meghalayan, Meghalayan; you know we’re gonna die.

Meghalayan, Meghalayan; it makes me want to cry.

The smog spewed forth from mouths unconscious of their vows.

[The acoustic guitar begins to strum]


Oh, Meghalayan, Meghalayan; I don’t wanna say, “Goodbye”.

Meghalayan, Meghalayan; you know we’re gonna die.

Well, the stars keep shining on; our Sun bringing the dawn.

Meghalayan, Meghalayan; it’s time for us to fly.

Meghalayan, Meghalayan; you know we’re gonna die.

From the cycle we have slipped; our bones inside the crypt.


[Acoustic guitar and the sound of sighing are the outro]



       This song is segmented like “Not a Cloud in the Sky” and represents a dark reflection of that song’s love of beauty and slowness. This first section takes a repeating motif representing the cycle itself and plays it in a horrific sound. I cry and wail as I realize that this cycle, this violent rumbling tumble-dry load will never end. The music changes again and leads into the meat of the piece.

       The music of the song is characterized by a simplicity in the notes, repeating the same basic structure in a lullaby format. This suggests that the song is harmless and holds little meaning, but like many other songs for children before it, the song is practically mythological, describing the slow end of the world that we face now. Climate change is here and WE ARE GOING TO DIE. That’s what “Meghalayan” refers to, the human age. An age that is fomented from crude oil and dead beasts. An age that heats the world up; an age of violence. An age of promises broken and promises secretly subverted. A time of contempt is the realization in this, my innermost cave, and it hurts. It hurts to think about the real end of the world as we know it. The Earth will still live on, but our world will look very different in coming generations. Life is changing for all of us as the number of climate refugees increases and once arable land dries and desiccates. Water will become scarce. Infrastructure will crumble. Animals will lie down to die and become extinct. I don’t know when it will start in earnest, but our destruction of the Earth, our greed, cannot continue. If we do not change our ways and give back to the Earth, we will have nothing but desolation to give the next generations.

        There’s a little part of me that imagines a world that has been ravaged by the coming natural disasters, war, and human pettiness. I imagine a child wandering a desert with an mp3 player. A strange relic of the old times that they power with a small solar battery. On it they find an odd song that recounts a warning to the humans who put the child in the position they are in now. The child likes the sound of the song but can’t understand why. The words are foreign and faraway…

        The cycle never ends, it only seeks to perpetuate itself. We fight against inertia, in these final hours. An inertia of thousands of years of indoctrination into the school of binary thought, of monotheism, of worship of the status quo. We fight against the cycle itself now, as the snake will always eat itself if we do not expose its foolishness. We will continue to cannibalize our own human body by wars for profit and colonization.

        Death will come for me and you. What will be our legacy? Will we be the generation that finally doomed the Earth’s creatures? Or are we the ones who turned it around? Everyday I wake up and envision a world where greed and scummy behavior aren’t so rewarded. Everyday it gets harder to believe that it’s possible in our reality…

        The end of the song plays the same lick as the beginning, representing the cycle continuing seemingly forever, running into the final song of the album.

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