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Echo Cain

Echo Cain

Echo Cain

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Hi! Welcome to my website! 

I'm Echo Cain: an interdisciplinary artist, musician, playwright, dancer, writer, photographer, illustrator, ecologist, critical studies scholar, religious studies scholar, and general human being. 

I am non-binary and use they/them pronouns. (Though between you and me, I consider myself agender).

I am perceived as white by most people in society, though I am a total mutt of many distinct ethnicities from Europe (and the "Near East").

These are just a few things about me... I suggest checking out my Artist Profile if you want to know more about my background and identity.

This website acts as my online portfolio, showcasing all of the art that I think is worth other people having a look at. I've mostly just released music via Distrokid prior to the creation of, but now I can share the entire breadth of my work.

If you want to see my many varieties of art then click the big colorful buttons above these paragraphs (or my social links below). Play amongst the scattering of art that I have created in the past three years.
I dearly hope, visitor, that you enjoy what you hear, what you see. When you read my writing, I hope it speaks to you, even if it seems small.

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Quote of the SEASON

"With a distorted countenance he stared into the water. He saw his face reflected, and spat at it; he took his arm away from the tree trunk and turned a little, so that he could fall headlong and finally go under. He bent, with closed eyes-towards death. Then from a remote part of his soul, from the past of his tired life, he heard a sound." (Herman Hesse, 1951. Siddhartha). 

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